Brexit Vote the Reason for Price Rises: Tech Companies

Two of the popular manufacturers (Dell and One Plus) have now increased the prices of their products in the UK and have remarked that the rise is due to UK’s vote to move out of the EU. This trend will be soon followed by yet another company, which sells camera equipment to various well known firms. The two companies stated that there will be further rise in the prices as the pound has now touched a thirty year low as against the dollar last week. The pound has gone down by twelve percent since the Brexit referendum result was out. Dell refused to bring out examples of the exact product rate changes; however the register stated that the company has set a ten percent increase in the costs, which it charged the retailers in the UK. Dell also added that the BBC had postponed this move.

One of the spokeswoman stated that as per the industry standards, the product costs are charged in the US dollars and because of the latest appreciation of the US dollar as against the currencies in Europe region, UK’s decision of exiting from the European Union will have a major impact on the price that is sold to the people of UK. She also added that the company completely understands that the Country is going through difficult times and stated that the company will work with the customers in order to give them great value through their products as well as services.

On the other hand the popular company OnePlus stated that it will sell the latest handset, for 330 pounds from the mid of July 2016 in order to safeguard the thin margins, which will make it about seven percent increase in the present price of 308 pounds. The company commented on the price rise stating that it tried not to increase to prices; however, the situation of Brexit forced them to take this action. OnePlus also stated that the accessories won’t be impacted.

One more Firm, Intro 2020 intends to increase the price by twelve percent. The company happens to be the UK importer for a lot of camera related products that include the Samyang’s lens, Tamron, Kenko filters, tripods and flashguns. The company stated that there will be an increase in the prices for all its products from the 1st of August, 2016.

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